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When I travel I usually like to find lodging with a great location and within walking distance to the main sights and/or local transportation (subways, trams, etc.).  One of the greatest things about traveling is getting to experience the wide variety of local transports. 
There are taxi's, subways, gondolas, water taxi's, and mountain gondolas . . . I would say that one of the best and in some ways challenging things to do is to get out there and learn how to move about the city as the locals do.  It can be quite an adventure, especially if there is a language barrier.  But that never stops me from getting out there. 
Don't be intimidated:  Sometimes it can be challenging figuring out the local transportation system especially when you don't understand the language.
Helpful Locals: But when in doubt, I will usually rely upon the kindness of a  local or fellow traveler for advice. My friend and I was assisted by this friendly Londoner while trying to figure out how to get to the Tower of Lodon. He was so friendly.

Here my friend using her basic French to ask this very patient and friendly local Parisian how to catch the Metro to the Eiffel tower. 

Do some research:  Learn about the means of local transportation.  If there are different districts in the City you're visiting, learn about each one and determine where you would like to stay and then get to know the type of local transporation.

Learn about the requirements of using local transport:  For example, in Italy the Czech Republic and France, you are required to stamp your tickets before riding.  This validates your ticket which is required by local authorities. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine. 

 Electric Tram, Prague in the Czech Republic
Don't be Shy:  Don't be shy to ask for directions from locals or fellow tourists.  It's better than getting on the wrong subway.  Here's a photo of my friend and I from inside a metro train in Paris.  We realized that we were on the wrong metro train when we were moving further away from the Eiffle Tower.  😀
Here are a few snapshots of the many different kinds of local transports that I have had the pleasure of riding.
London, England Taxi Cabs
Paris, France metro
Lucerne, Switzerland Gondola
Prague, Czech Republic Electric Trams
Salzburg, Austria Fortress Tram
Venice, Italy Vaporetto Ride
And even better, Venice, Italy Gondola Ride (simply magical)
Local Transportation Experiences Travel Video



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