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Finding the Right Luggage/Carry-On

Finding the right luggage is very important when traveling especially if you plan on using public transportation.  The most important  tips that I want to share with you are as follows:


Weight:  Find a luggage that is as light as possible.  I hate to say this, but the cheaper the luggage the heavier they are.  So for the sake of traveling lighter and more comfortably, I am willing to pay for the lightest quality luggage that I can find.  And the reason this is important is because if your luggage is already heavy when it is empty, it will be super heavy with your belongings and your souvenirs.

Durability:  Find a luggage that is made of sturdy material and which can withstand a brutal beating from the ariline handlers or the cobblestone streets commonly found in Europe.  While traveling (especially while taking public transportation) you will be pulling, tugging and shoving your luggage around and so a sturdy and durable luggage is critical.

Expandable:  I prefer the soft sided expandable luggage over the hard cover luggage.  I think maily because you can fit more in them and they tend to be lighter. 

Looks:  I like a luggage that doesn’t look like a hundred other luggages out there and which doesn’t scream “I have money”, not that I have a lot to begin with but you know what I mean.  I don’t like to draw attention.  I also find that a luggage that is unique will stand out on the luggge carousol.  My luggage is red and black (red is my favorite color).

Price:  I don’t mind paying the price for a durable, dependable, light , sturdy and cool looking luggage.  I paid $299.00 for my luggage and I am taking it on my 5th International trip this year.  I would say that is a very good investment.

My luggage of Choice:  Victorinox Standard Traveler, 26″, Wheeled pack (Unfortunately, they are all sold out on this model, See how good it is)


My carry-on bag preference has and will always be a backpack.  The reason is because it is easier to carry the weight of my carry-on items on my back when going through the airport. It keeps your hands free to pull your check luggage and for holding on to your passport and boarding pass as you move through the security checks at the airport.  What I look for in a Carry-on bag is pretty similar to what I look for in my check luggage.

Weight:  I try to find a backpack that is strong and light.

Comfort:  I like a backpack that is comfortable on my back and with straps that are well cushioned.

Compartments:  I prefer a backpack that has a main (large) compartment and a secondary (medium) compartment with additional smaller side pockets to put easy to reach items.  The main compartment must be big enough with a wide enough opening to put my Nikon DSLR camera, travel laptop, ipod, itouch and all the accompanying chargers and cords.  I never check my electronic chargers or cords in my check in luggage. During air travel they always stay together and with me. 

Sturdy:  I buy my backpacks at REI which is an outdoor adventure store, because they sell very sturdy products.  Just like my check luggage, my carry-on must be strong to be able to carry all of my electronics.

Lockable:  I use a backpack that you can lock up to secure my valuables in.  This is important while on the airplane and also while traveling by public transportation on the ground. It prevents pickpockets and thieves from stealing things.



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