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Jet Lag-How to cope & minimize it!

There are several tips on what you can do to reduce Jet Lag after your Long Flight.  

– If you are taking a group tour, if your schedule permits, try to arrive one day early before your group tour officially starts. You don’t want to get there and then have to immediately start this long, jammed pack tour with out at least one day to sort of acclimate to your new surroundings.

–  Try to arrange a flight where you can arrive in the late morning or early afternoon of your destination.

–  Do what you can to have a more relaxing plane ride.  Try to take naps. Drink a lot of fluid and avoid alcohol.  During Breaks, get up and stroll to the back to get your blood circulating. Stretch a little.  The temperature on the plane can vary.  I tend to get hot easily so I always dress in layers.  If it gets too cold I have a light sweater to use but if it is too warm I have a light short sleeve top on.  I find that the more comfortable you are on the plane the more relaxed you will be wish helps to me to sleep.  I find that this helps reduce my jetlag. 

–  As soon as you arrive to your Hotel. Unpack some of your essential things. 

–  No matter how tired you are, DO NOT TAKE A NAP!

–  You need to try to get on the same schedule as your destination. Go to sleep at your destination’s normal time not yours.  

–  While you adjust to your destination’s schedule, try to venture out.  On my first trip, as soon as I arrived, I got on the Tube and visited the Tower of London, the Westminster Abbey and Piccadilly Square. Important Tip: Write down the name and address to your hotel before you leave. I forgot to do that. As luck would have it, when I wrote the name and address of a restaurant that I wanted to find , it was on the Hotel’s stationery pad.  I hopped in a taxi and gave him the hotel’s name.  You’re so tired when you arrive that you just might forget to do the obvious


 Road & Travel Magazine Website – Tips for Eliminating/Reducing Jet lag



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