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Travel Thoughts: Where have all the cheap flights gone . . .

Or should I say where have all the “fecking” cheap flights gone? :)

While doing my ritual Kayak search for a descent airfare, I stumbled onto this hilarious video by Fascinating Aida:)

So here are some helpful tips I’m trying to follow to find a fecking cheap flight:

– Travel in the off season (it just happens that November to early December is the best time for me to get away from work).

– Best days to search for cheap airfares are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at low traffic times of the day (I’ll need a good strong cup of coffee to follow this tip).

– Flexibility (try traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday and also Saturday. Avoid traveling on Friday, Sunday and Monday

– Consider flying out or into other airports. In my research, I think flying into Rome versus Naples will provide a wider itinerary selection and reasonable airfares for me and it is only a 2 1/2 hour train ride from Rome to Salerno.

– Use Website Alerts like Kayak, Airfare Watchdog for airfare sales.

– And as this video so humorously illustrates, a “cheap” flight does not necessarily mean the “best” flight.  :)  For example,  I would pay a little more for a flight on one airlines versus another, I would pay a little more for an early arrival time versus a late night arrival time, I would pay a little more for an itinerary with one rather than two stop overs, I would pay a little more to avoid a stopover at CDG airport and I would definitely pay a little more for a layover time with a bit more cushion than 50 minutes.

And so, the hunt for not just a cheap but the best airfare continues. . . . 

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