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Travel Thoughts: Peaks and Valleys . . .

Do you get pre-trip jitters?  If not, you’re a far better traveler than I.

I am now a little more than 5 weeks away from my first South America Adventures and although I’ve done a lot of preparation work, I don’t feel ready. And it is this lack of confidence that gives me these “valley” pre-trip jitters.  I know I should be excited (which I am), and I know I should look forward to and embrace the whole adventure and serendipity thing (which I will eventually do), but knowing that still doesn’t stop me from having these pre-trip jitters.

So here’s my way of coping:

1. Read other blogs.  Lately I’m been glued to these two Slow Travelers (Anita and Dana) who are currently having an awesome adventure in Italy.  Not only is their blog very funny but it really reminds me of how fun and adventurous travel is and why I love it so (pre-trip jitters and all).

2. Do Research and Prepare Documents (Make packing list, organize travel documents, make to do list). This can infuse great confidence once I have these documents completely organized. I’m about 80% done.

3. Set goals on timeline for Packing.  I always, always say that I am going to pack way in advance of my departure date and yet I am usually up most of the night doing last minute packing.  I am really going to stick to a plan to have all my packing done by the weekend before I leave.  This means having all my electronics updated, tested and charged.  And to show that I’m serious about meeting this goal, you have to check out these two new items I recently purchased to help me in this endeavor: First,  are these super lightweight packing cubes and second a luggage scale (lightweight too).  For the first time, I’ll be taking a domestic flight (2 to be exact) on a smaller aircraft.   I had high hopes of just taking a carry-on, but I will most likely have to check a second bag with all my clothes and toiletries in order to meet the lower weight restrictions on these planes.  Since I plan on traveling with my heavy DSLR Camera and other electronic equipment (ie., itouch & iPad), I bought a lightweight luggage scale so I can make sure I will meet the weight requirements.  I definitely don’t want to be forced to check my expensive equipment because I exceeded the weight.  😥


 4. High Tech Equipment and Testing: I have downloaded several new Apps for my iTouch which I think will come in handy.  I will do a separate post on these with reviews upon my return.  They will help me to organize and view my itinerary documents, help me to get around while in Buenos Aires, and they will help me to journal my adventures. I have a new DSLR camera which I have been practicing with for the past several months.  I joined this Google+ Circle called Project52-2012 . Being in this group has helped my photography skills tremendously and I am thankful to them.

5. And finally, Blog about it!  :mrgreen: 

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