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Travel Thoughts: How Far Ahead Do You Plan . . .

So exactly how far in advance should you be planning your next trip?  Well, the answer is not so clear cut.  There are many things that factor into the answer of this travel question:

– Depends on where you are going?  If it is a popular location, finding lodging will be a challenge. And the availability of finding a good airfare and flight schedule may not be as traveler friendly as it once was.   

– Depends on when you are going?  If it is a popular location, it could be crowded.  If are a weather sensitive traveler or if you are going to do an adventure, the weather is a factor.

– Depends on what you want to do?  If it is a location that is an adventure trip, you need to be prepared far in advance.  If it is a location that requires advanced reservations you need to have a more refined itinerary so you can book your tickets/tours.  

Now, if you are the kind of traveler that needs very little time to prepare (and have the financial resources to do it), if you can be satisfied with your 6th, 7th or 8th choice for lodging, if you don’t care what you pay for your airfare or the airlines and flight connections you end up with and if you can go on the grandest of adventures with little to no preparation . . . well then a big Kudos to you! 

I’m not one of those people.  I like to find my frist lodging, airfare and airline choices available, I like to travel when it is less crowded, I need enough time to save up for each trip, the weather is also important to me and if I’m doing an adventure trip I want to be prepared.

I have begun to narrow my future travel plans down a bit. I think I’m on track for my Trip 2011, my friends want to do a big hiking adventure trip in 2012 (which requires up to a year of training) and 2013 could be back to Italy . . . finally!  

But no matter how far in advance these future travel ideas are, these trips are still a dream to me . . . until I actually buy my airline tickets, that is!  😀  

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