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2011 Amalfi Coast Trip Planning

I read an apartment review by fellow Slow Traveler, Mimi, describing this part of Southern Italy south of Sorrento as “old world.” I love that description. Unlike my recent trip to the very vibrant cities of Amsterdam, and Berlin, there are no fancy modern museums, no art galleries, no super tall towers with precision elevators to lift us up for a spectacular view of the coast. No, not here. What I’m going to find and hopefully discover is an “Old World” charm that Mimi spoke of.

There’s a paper mill museum, a miniature village display (YouTube Video) on the side of a winding road between Priano and Positano and there are hundreds of steps to climb up in order to earn my view. Inspired by fellow Slow Traveler and blogging friend AnnieNC (Churches in Venice) I’m looking forward to visiting several of the beautiful small churches in the Amalfi Coast like the Church of San Luca Evangelico which features paintings by Giovanni Bernardo Lama (Wikipedia). For my dining pleasure there are small but charming places like nearby Vivaro Wine Bar (Official Website).

I plan on keeping my itinerary loose, simple and very slow. On my “must see” sightseeing list: Capri, Positano, Ravello, Paestum and as many of the small towns like Atrani, Scala, Minori as I can see. I will use public transportation (hoping not to get motion sickness on those Sita buses).

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ROME:  This amazing city is not captured here on my google map, but it is my Fly In and Fly Out city and so I plan on staying one night on arrival and one night in Rome prior to departure.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve been back and I am very excited to visit Rome again if only for two nights.  Very high on my must see list of course is to make a trip to the Trevi Fountain so I can throw my traditional Euro coin to ensure my 5th return trip to Italy. :-)  My hotel is located steps away from the Trevi Fountain, so don’t be surprised if I throw more than one coin!  I do have some house cleaning type of things to do here before I head down to the Amalfi Coast.  I need to find a TIM store so I can purchase a SIM card for my Mifi and I need to go to the Termini station just to check things out so I know where I’m going the next morning.  I do believe that there is a TIM store right in the Termini station which will be convenient.

On my return trip after my Amalfi stay I have the pleasure of meeting a long time fellow slow traveler and blogging friend, Sandra (A Journey of a Thousand Miles…Begins with Too Much Luggage).  She will be on Day 2 of her exciting new life in Italy.  I’m really looking foward to meeting her and learning more about her new life in Rome.  What an inspiring and wonderful Dream come true life story.  A fabulous way to end my 2011 Trekcapri Amalfi Coast Adventures….

 I used Slow Travel and the Venere Websites to book my hotel stays in Rome for both nights.


GETTING FROM ROME TO PRIANO The plan for getting from Rome to Priano is a decision that is weighing heavily on my mind because of having to hall my “luggage” around.  I want the fastest, easiest (and not necessarily the least expensive) way possible.  There are two ideas:

Rome to Naples – Sorrento – Priano

  • Euro Star (Frecciarossa train) from Rome to Naples.
  • Circumvesusviana Train from Naples to Sorrento
  • Sita Bus from Sorrento to Amalfi (requesting the driver alert me to get off near this hotel in Priano where I have to meet the rental reps.

Rome to Salerno – Amalfi – Priano

  • Euro Star from Rome to Salerno (Direct High Speed)
  • Sita Bus from Salerno to Positano (stoppin in Priano for m)

Rome to Salerno – Priano

  • Euro Star from Rome to Salerno
  • Private Driver (taxi) from Salerno to Priano

Honestly, I am really leaning with the last plan.  Euro Star to Salerno and a Car Service/Taxi from Salerno to Priano.  The taxi will be expensive but I don’t care. I’m all about the easiest and most direct way possible.   

GETTING FROM PRIANO TO PAESTUM –   I want to do a long day trip from Priano to Paestum to see the Greek/Roman Temples.

  • Priano to Amalfi – Sita Bus
  • Amalfi toSalerno- Sita Bus
  • SalernotoPaestum- SCAT, 1/2/4/5 Guiuliano, Leonetti & Gallucci, Stromollio  OR # 34 CSTP Bus from the SITA Stop at Pizza Concordia inSalerno(for CSTP bus I must get a ticket before hand from a tobacconist).

GETTING FROM PRIANO TO CAPRI – I am doing a Tw0-Night Day trip to the island of Capri.

  • Priano to Sorrento – Sita Bus
  • Sorrento to Capri – Ferry

GETTING AROUND AMALFI COAST (POSITANO, AMALFI, ATRANI, MIORI, MAIORI, SCALA, RAVELLO) – I have 3 weeks to visit the many villages along this beautiful coast.









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