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Rome to Siena

Day 14 – Rome to Siena

  • Head from Rome to Siena Tuscany (by Train)
  • Hotel Cannon d’Oro 
  • IL Campo

It’s A Beautiful World
Today, we arrive in Siena which is a town in the area of toscana or Tuscany.  We left Rome by train and arived some time around noon. We take a short taxi ide to our hotel (Cannon D’oro) where we will be spending the next 4 nights.  The hotel is a 15th century palazzo located just a 5 minute walk from from the city’s Piazza del Campo (IL Campo).   When we arrive to check in we are greeted by a very friendly gentleman.  Our room is not ready for us, but he lets us store our luggage in our room so we can freshen up.  I immediately liked him!  

As we walk through the streets of the town I notice a casual and relaxed feeling. It is a wonderful change from the hustle and bustle of Rome.  Even with the crowds of day trippers, I can still feel the quiet charm of this small town.  The weather was bright and sunny today.  My first thought “I’m so happy to be here.”  As we walk through the streets I can understand the reason for their strictly enforced traffic laws. No fast cars or dodging scooters to worry about.  I’m not knocking Rome or all the other big cities that we’ve been to, but like in Fluelen Switzerland, it was nice to be in a small town.

After freshening up a bit from the long train ride, we ask for a map and get directions from Mr. Albergo (a nick name we gave this nice man).  To make a long story short, when I first made the on-line reservations the person who responded to me put Albergo at the end of his e-mail message and I assumed it was his name.  When I responded I addressed my e-mail to “Mr. Albergo” and thanked him for confirming my reservations.  When I told my friend she explained that Albergo was word for Hotel in Italian.  The nickname stuck.

The streets are actually lined with some very trendy looking shops (to be later explored, of course).  While walking along the streets I began to shortly notice that both the girls and the guys all looked like they stepped right off the pages of Vogue Magazine.  I thought to myself that this city is filled with “beautiful people.”  Just an interesting observation.


We finally make a turn down an even smaller alley and we catch our first glimpse of IL Campo. It was filled with people, mainly day-trippers.  We stroll by some of the cafes and decide on this one restaurant facing the IL Campo piazzza.

We finally get to rest our tired bones.  We order a pizza and a soft drink.  While waiting for our order, we decide to read our guidebooks.



We read about the history of the nine councils and how the plaza was created.  We took this time to relax and watch as people walked by.  Although, I enjoyed our group tour a lot, it was just nice to sit and relax for a change and not have to worry about time constraints.  


Our pizzas arrive and within a few minutes we’re done.  I guess we were hungrier then we thought.  We went back to the hotel and asked where the nearest laundry was.  We then notice a poster advertising a classical opera that was going to be held tomorrow evening at some church.  We decided that we wanted to attend the concert.  

We returned to our hotel.  By now our room was ready for us and we take a quick nap.  We unpack some essentials and put aside the clothes we needed to take to the laundry mat.   We find the laundry mat but had to get instructions from the owner who happened to be there when we arrived.  He was very nice to take the time to tell us how to use it.  It was very different from the ones here.  You have to put your coins in this centralized machine and indicate the number of the washer that you want to use.   Once the coins are accepted you can operate your machine.  To pass the time away, we go across the street to visit a wine store.  We start planning, which wine to purchase and bring home.  Anyway, we get our laundry and return to our hotel. 








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