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Paris – Day 2

 Day 5 – Paris Full Day

  • Notre Dame with Local City Guide
  • Bus Views with Local City Guide: 
    • Eiffel Tower (10 minute Photo opp stop)
    • La Concord
    • Champs Elysees
  • On Our own:
    • Top of the Eiffel Tower
    • Walked along the river Siene
    • Ate crepes
    • Sacre Coeur Church
    • Ate Crepes
    • Dinner at Le Marathon Restaurant in the Latin Quarter


After a quick breakfast we board our bus and meet up with our local guide.  Her name is Gabrielle!  Very nice older woman.  She holds a periscope stick with a bright handkerchief tied to the top so we can easily spot her in the crowd.  Inside, there were several other brightly colored handkerchiefs moving slowly around the Notre Dame Church. 
This was the second time seeing this fantastic building and I am still in awe with the details in the architecture.  We walk slowly through the church where she shares some additional details about the history and how it was built.  We walk out of the church where she wants to show us the famous hunchback of Notre Dame.   It was funny when everyone looked up and expected to see this huge statute or something.  When she pointed out the little “Yoda” look-a-like figure protruding from the side of the church everyone broke out into laughter. 


After our City Tour, we go off on our own.  We spend more than an hour waiting in line to go up the Eiffel Tower.  Unfortunately, due to high winds the top floor was closed so we were only allowed to go up to the second level.  The view was still pretty spectacular.  After descending from the Eiffel tower, we decide to walk along the river Siene. 

After eating a delicious Crepe at one of those walk up Crepe making cafes, we decide to go back to the hotel to drop off some souvenirs.  We decide that there is still time left before dark to visit the Sacre Coeur Church which wasn’t very far from the “hotel from hell” so we decide to head over there.  As soon as we exit the metro station we see the street that leads to the steps at the foot of the famous church.  The steps are crowded with tourists.  We go up to the church and are treated to a spectacular view of Paris.  You can see the Eiffel tower (where we were not too long ago) in the distance. 

We spend some time looking at the view and watching this street performer.  We take more pictures then decide to head down to the shops to do some souvenir shopping.   

It was getting pretty late, so we hop back on the metro and head to the Latin Quarter to find a restaurant to have dinner.  After going through two streets we settle on a restaurant called Le Marathon.  What a coincidence!  We are actually scheduled to run the Las Vegas Marathon on December 4, 2005.
Anyway, immediately the head guy strikes up conversation with my friend who happens to be fluent in Spanish.  I order Salmon and she orders roast pork chops.  We start with a mixed salad then our main meal which was excellent.  We end up with a nice Apple Desert.  The whole meal was 15 Euro’s or what’s called a “complete” meal.   Much cheaper than ordering “ala Carte.”  

Well, its nearing midnight and we have a 6:15 a.m. wake-up call.  We hop back on the Metro and head back to our hotel.  By now we have mastered the Metro system here in Paris.  It’s a shame we have to leave tomorrow.  But I am looking forward to visiting Switzerland again.




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