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London, England – Arrival

Depart USA Overnight Flight from LAX to London
  • Bristish Airways LAX – LHR (Non-Stop)
  • Estimated Travel Time: 9 hours 50 minutes
After 12 long years, I finally make a return trip to Europe.  We head to LAX 3 hours before departure.  Not really looking forward to 10 hours on the plane.  Thank goodness it is a nonstop flight straight to London.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  I pull out my journal and start to jot down my thoughts.  Let’s see if I keep this up throughout the trip. 
Well, after a very long flight, we finally arrive in London, England. We take the Airport Shuttle to our Hotel.  We unpack some key essentials, jot down the name and address of our hotel and head out.   When we enter Euston Station, we first notice how rushed everything was. Tip:  Don’t forget to move immediately to the right as soon as you get on the escalator.
When we see the maze of train platforms and signs we immediately get that “deer in the headlights” expression.  We stare at the Underground map with utter confusion and panic. 
Suddenly out of nowhere this really nice British guy approached us and asked if we were visitors.  Did the camera give me away?  Well, anyway he proceeds to give us a brief explanation on how the underground


He said that we need to look at the destination of the line and that would help us to find the train platforms.  He told us to follow him and he would take us to our train.  He told us which stop to take and the connecting train to take.  He was so nice.  He even invited us to join him for dinner at this very famous Curry House if we had the time.  We thanked him and hopped off at our connecting stop.  We found the right train change and proceeded to the Tower. 

Okay we’re off to a good start.  We met our first really nice local.  This will be a good trip.  I can just feel it.                    

 There it is the Tower of London.  Knights and Damsels in distress.  By now the Tower is closed.  

We walked around a bit and then walked over to the London Bridge. It was cold and chilly. We take the underground back to Piccadilly Square where we stop and have dinner at this all you can eat pizza. I was starving and tired.

We walked around a bit to find that Theatre Ticket Discount Building. We will return tomorrow to buy some tickets to hopefully see a nice musical play. We head back to the underground (by this time we have the system down) and return to our hotel. This was a good day. Nighty night.




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