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Hiking the Cinque Terre Day 2

Day 20 – Cinque Terre Hiking Day 2

“The Cool Waters of the Mediterranean”

Today, we wake up pretty early and start our hike to avoid the heat of the day later on.  We climb up the stairs to the entrance of the trails.  Each day we purchased the combo train/hiking passes.  This allowed us unlimited use of the trails and local trains between the five towns.
We leave Vernazza and head up hill.  The first thing I notice is that the trails are a lot closer to some vineyards and vegetation, so there are a lot more bugs.  But did we bring our insect repellant?  No, we did not.  It is also pretty sunny!  Did we bring our sun block?  No, we did not.  I know, it makes no sense to me either!

Unlike yesterday, the trails here are empty.  We could walk for 30 minutes without seeing another fellow hiker.  But it was nice having the trails to ourselves.  There were some sections when it was quite narrow and you had to stand to the side to let another hiker pass by.

I think we are nearing Monterrosa!  We crash into a group of 50 hikers from Germany and Austria.  Most of them were equipped with those walking sticks that help them to maintain their balance.  They were so happy and friendly.  Of course we all Buon Giorgno’d each other.  We stop and speak with one of their leaders.  She asks us where we are from and when we told her California she summons another hiker and tells him we are from California!  Hmm!  I guess they’re fans of California!  

After about another 20 minutes we run into about 30 hikers from France.  When each one passed they smiled and said Bon Sua!  Within another 10 minutes we crashed into a big group of Italians.  And we were back to Buon Giorgno!  This was fun, but I couldn’t help but giggle about this segment of our hike. I look back at that big group of hikers and say to myself that I’m glad we got an early start on our hike!

Each establishment created some kind of decoration that used lemon in some way.  Everything was very “yellow.”  There were children dressed in Lemon hats selling food on the streets.  There was live entertainment playing of all things Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.”  We had lunch at a very nice restaurant then had desert from one of the festival vendors.






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