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Hiking the Cinque Terre Day 1

Day 19 – Hiking Day One – Vernazza to Monterosso

Hiking Amore
For the next couple of days we will hike the trails of CT.  On the first day, we decide to catch the train to Riomaggiore and hike on the trails back to Vernazza.  We start with Via dell’ Amore which is the “romantic” path heading towards Manarola.  This trail was very nicely paved and pretty flat.  Here is where many of the day trippers seem to start too.

The weather is absolutely perfect!  Warm, Sunny and clear!  The trails are pretty crowded but there is plenty of room for groups of people to pass by. 


The hiking trails run parallel to the ocean and you have great views for the entire hike.  I pinch myself to make sure that I am here.  Yup!  I’m here enjoying this fantastic scenery.  Oh, I wish we had planned more days here.  I should have listened to the advice ST’s gave me.  Darn!

Now that we have gone past Via dell’ Amore, there are very few hikers.  Sometimes we can go without seeing a soul.  It’s quiet, green and beautiful!


As we near each town, we tend to bump into more hikers.  There are actually quite a bit of local children day tripping here.  They bring with them their excitement and energy.  Their school counselors work hard at keeping them safe and together.  Soon we see many of them at rest stops along the trails enjoying their lunches. 


During the hike I sometimes stop to take in the views.  It almost reminds me of Southern California’s coastline.



Well, we finally reach Vernazza.  After a short rest, we walk over to the Tower Doria.  We climb up and are treated to another great view of Vernazza.  And then I ask myself – “Can it get any better than this?”


The answer – “YES, IT CAN!”  We wonder over to our favorite Gelato shop and get a single scoop of Gelato!  While my friend is intent on trying as many different flavors as she can, I am completely content with “COCO!”

We walk over to a bench by the water’s edge and watch another glorious day in Cinque Terre come to an end.  It is very quiet here with only the sounds of the rolling Mediterranean ocean hitting the shore and just a splattering of conversation to be heard from a nearby cafe.  While I sit here savoring my Gelato, I begin to quietly contemplate the thought of selling my home in Southern California and moving here permanently!  I WISH!  Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

After finishing off our Gelato, we slowly head back to our apartment.  Ahh, I could really get used to this lifestyle!  Nighty Night!








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