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Technology: WiFi where ever you go with MiFi . . .

In my main blog, I announced my 2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures!  I am beyond excitement and can’t wait to “live” in one of the charming small towns that line this famous strectch in the Campania Region of Southern Italy.  I found this beautiful apartment that has these stunning views of the ocean from every room.  A perfect base and beautiful setting!  The only thing missing is that the apartment has no WiFi, but although I love to blog while traveling I was willing to give that up . . . . well, almost give it up.

Here in the US I use a portable mobile device called a MiFi.  It is a small credit card size device that allows you (with a data plan) to create your own personal Hot Spot where you can connect up to 5 devices.  It is fast and fantastic.  I have a non contract, month to month plan for unliminted data connection through my Virgin Mobile MiFi device for $40 per month that I use when I travel locally.  I just activate it before I leave and voila.  Sometimes I even connect my phone to it because the connection is faster than my built in 3G. 

A few months ago I purchased the Novatel MiFi 2352 (which will work in both the US and in Europe).   From this video, it almost looks too easy.  Supposedly, once I purchase my SIM card (in Italy or any destination in the world), I should be able to pop the card into the device and voila.  Instant and portable WiFi.   Could it be that easy?  Well, we’ll see . . .


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