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2010 Vibrant Europe Trip a Success . ...

2010 Vibrant Europe Trip a Success . . .

Well, it's been a week since I returned from my fantastic trip to Amsterdam, Holland, Brugge, Belgium and Berlin, Germany.  I had such a great time and blogged about it live on my other Trekcapri Blog.  This last return flight home was probably one of the most challenging flights that I've had to endure. And […]

Trek’s Audio Guide to Vibrant E...

Trek’s Audio Guide to Vibrant Europe – LOL

Okay, when I first came up with the idea of creating my own Trekcapri audio guides to help me during my sightseeing adventures, I forgot about the fact that I'll have to pronounce some of the names of these places.  And let me tell you!  I haven't yet gotten to my Belgium and Berlin recordings yet, […]

Amsterdam: Introduction (Audio Test)

Amsterdam:  Introduction (Audio Test)

I recorded this very brief audio clip of an Introduction to Amsterdam . . . This is so funny, I was trying not to sound like the typical boring podcast narrator, but it just sort of naturally comes out that way even when I set some music in the background to jazz it up.  I'm such […]

Amsterdam: My food adventures awaits...

Amsterdam:  My food adventures awaits . . .

I'm receiving some very great advice from Slow Travelers about the food choices that I will have during my trip.  And based upon their recommendations, I have a feeling that I will have some unique and wonderful food adventures on my trip. Amsterdam: I hear from Annie and Marta who have been to Amsterdam that there are wonderful […]

Amsterdam On Two Wheels

Amsterdam On Two Wheels

From looking at the two photos above you could say that Southern California and the City of Amsterdam have plenty in common.  The top photo is from Amsterdam and the bottom is from right here in Southern California on a Saturday morning.   In fact, the typical Southern California beach cruiser bike is not that much different than your traditional Dutch bike.  It has only […]

Amsterdam: Spending time with Van Go...

Amsterdam:  Spending time with Van Gogh

The Van Gogh Museum is high on my must see list in Amsterdam.  The museum houses 200 of Van Gogh's original paintings plus 500 of his drawings.  With so many to choose from I can easily spend a couple of hours or more here.  The museum is located near to the very popular Vondelpark. Address:  […]

Amsterdam: It’s more than sex, ...

Amsterdam: It’s more than sex, drugs and wooden shoes . . .

I'm doing pretty good on my Berlin segment, so I've started to think about my stay in Amsterdam.  For the record, I can't believe that I even considered an overnight day trip to Berlin from Amsterdam at the beginning stages of my trip planning. I can barely get my must see's in with 7 nights.   I'm beginning to research Amsterdam and I have […]

Lucie says . . . go Dutch

Lucie says . . . go Dutch

I once wrote a blog post entitled "Tears & Joy".  It was about a good co-worker friend of mine, Lucie, who suddenly passed away at the end of 2008.  She and I shared a strong passion for travel and after we each took our trips or were about to go on a trip, we would always find the […]

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