Traveling allows me to see the world through my eyes

Inspired to finally take a long awaited journey . . .

I just feel as though, I’ve come home.” ~ Libby Williams

My next Trekcapri Adventure was until recently in a 3-way tie between Portugal, Northern Spain and Italy . . . .until I saw this video.

Machu Picchu, Peru, has been on my must see list for such a long time (4 years now) and each time I thought about going I found a reason not to. But watching Libby’s very touching story and her journey and pilgrimage to get to a place that she and her husband had planned on visiting together has inspired me again. Thank you Libby for sharing your journey with us and to BBC for doing this beautiful video.

I too have felt a deep connection to this place, a place I know nothing about, a place I don’t know quite how to get there, a place that is out of my comfort zone (that being Europe), but a place that I seem to have an emotional connection and desire to visit.

Could this be the year?  

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