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2013 Peruvian Travel Adventures: dos soles

With a little over 2 weeks before I leave for my 2013 Peruvian Adventures, I worked a bit more on my trip over the weekend.  I have all my lodgings confirmed, at least one of the two days entrance tickets to Machu Picchu purchased (still haven’t been able to successfully purchase the tickets for the second day) and finally yesterday I ordered my Peruvian currency.

Last year I had no issues using my ATM Debit card in Argentina and I suspect I won’t have any in Peru, but since I’m staying in a small town called Ollantaytambo rather than a big urban city like Buenos Aires,  I’m not so sure how widely or dependable these machines will be. I decided to take a bit more local currency than I usually get and ordered $800 US dollars, which is roughly $2214 Peruvian soles.

I think the lodging and airline costs are similar to other international trips I’ve taken to Europe, but like Argentina other local prices are a bit less expensive.  For example, the taxi fares were cheap in Buenos Aires as compared to the prices I’ve paid for in Europe.  Their cost for food also seems to be very reasonable. I’ve been reading this traveler’s blog about her trip (My Travels: Peru) and for a lovely meal at a restaurant called Mayupata where she dined on a lovely meal of fresh trout with fried sweet potato and a cocktail for only $12 dollars ($33.216 Soles). This restaurant also serve oven cooked pizza.

My hotel includes breakfast each morning so I won’t have to buy breakfast and I can usually get by skipping lunch with a big breakfast and can splurge at Mayupata for a nice dinner. At $12 dollars a day for meals, that’s not so bad.  Of course, I’ll have to factor in buying bottled water not just for drinking but to use for brushing my teeth. I know that’s kind of weird but that’s what the guide books and all the internet research recommends to do. Apparently, people have gotten sick when ingesting their tap water. They even recommend not to order ice in our drinks which means it’s pretty bad.  I’ll try to be careful, but I’ll be bringing some medications with me just in case.

So even though in this funny video, street food can be had very cheaply at “dos soles”, I don’t plan on eating that cheaply during my 2013 Peruvian Adventures. :)

As a traveler we have to plan what our budget will be like and make choices on how we want to spend our hard earned money.  For me, I will spend my money freely on entrance tickets to places I want to see (and for the transportation to get there).  In Olly where I’ll base for most of my trip in order to acclimate to the high altitude prior to going to see Machu Picchu, the hotel has recommended about three tours around the Sacred Valley. The costs are around $60 ($166.44 soles) and I’m pretty sure I’ll take two or maybe even three of the tours plus do my own exploring.  For me, I’ll try to minimize trip costs for my souvenirs and food.

The one really good thing about my hotel in Olly is that they have an ATM machine right in their lobby. How convenient and safe is that? Which reminds me I need to contact my banks to alert them to my travel dates!  😉  Awe, the joys of travel.


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  1. Sandrac Sandrac
    November 4, 2013    

    Oh my goodness, I am so far behind in reading your blog – you must be on the verge of leaving for Peru! What an incredible adventure you are going to have. You are so brave to visit exotic countries! I can’t wait to see your photos.

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